Senior Crisis Management

Regardless how carefully you plan taking care of yourself and loved ones, life is often filled with a wide range of unexpected circumstances. This realty brings us to the foundation of Kastle Keeper and our mission making lives easier for seniors and their families. Even the most well-prepared seniors and their families ask themselves “where, how and what do I even begin to do first?”

What is Senior Crisis Management?

Growing up, my parents always told me to find a dictionary and
look it up.

Merriam-Webster definition of crisis

1a: the turning point for better or worse in an acute disease
b: a paroxysmal attack of pain, distress, or disordered function
c: an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life

“Senior Crisis mode” examples

  • Mom or Dad fell coming home from the hospital, what do I do?
  • Immediate need in dealing with new mobility issues
  • Family is not local
  • Immediate transition to a senior living community based on immediate need for specialized care.

Why Kastle Keeper for Senior Crisis Management?

Kastle Keeper professionals first listen to seniors, their family, friends along with other professionals in their lives. We are trusted advisors and at times a voice of reason for the family.  Our success is always defined by the happiness, security and safety of the seniors and their family. Kastle Keeper often becomes an extended family providing an immediate process and solution for Senior Crisis Management.

  • Highest Level of Professionalism and ethical standards
  • Specific direction in navigating the overwhelming decisions required in dealing with unexpected changes. 
  • 30 years of professional partnerships
  • Complete capabilities, especially in the (3) essential practice areas of Age-In-Place, Senior Transitioning and Managed Home Services.

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