Employee Benefits Services

The purpose is simple. Reduce stress associated with family care for employees working full-time jobs. Support employees during a difficult and stressful time managing family responsibilities. Initial engagement is to provide specific direction navigating the overwhelming decisions required in managing unexpected changes.

Kastle Keeper professionals are trusted advisors and often a voice of reason for the family. Our team becomes an extended family delivering an immediate process and solution for “Senior Crisis Management.” 

Kastle Keeper Senior Crisis Management Program

Bringing Kastle Keeper Senior Life Management professional services to the workplace. Kastle Keeper reduces the time and stress associated with managing lifecare for loved ones. 

Kastle Benefit Principles for the Workplace

Kastle Keeper helps employees bring their best selves to work.

Creative employee benefits are designed to attract exceptional talent, reduce turnover, and improve employee overall healthcare.

The Workplace Reality

Bringing Kastle Keeper Senior Life Management Professional Services to the workplace. Kastle Keeper delivers concierge care reducing the time and stress associated with senior life management. 

  • 80% of employees say family responsibilities affect their productivity at work—Harvard Business Review
  • 84% of employees are interested if offered a senior care benefit providing them with resources, guidance or support for their families—AARP
  • 88% of US employees care for a loved one who is aging in place—AARP
  • 60-70% of employees have responsibilities related to taking care of their parents throughout their careers -Harvard Business Review

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