Transitioning to a Senior Community

We begin by meeting with you and your family. This meeting allows us to understand your personal needs. As you can imagine each client has unique and special needs, therefore we tailor our solutions to meet your individualized needs and circumstances.  We develop a long-term transition plan which can include community selection through our specialized partnerships.

In times of transitioning, we help your loved ones transition to senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes or retirement living. We are a one-stop solution helping clients prepare their home to  sell, while taking care of all downsizing, de-cluttering and selling the home contents.  In addition we provide Full Service Real Estate Sales Partnerships including staging, listing and selling your home.


We offer 7 senior move manager services to help families or executors.

  • Develop your Long-term Transition Plan
  • Prepare the Home to Sell ~ Home Inspection Evaluation ~ Manage all Repairs
  • Home Downsizing / Rightsizing / De-Cluttering / Full Packing & Moving Services
  • Estate Sale and Content Liquidation Services
  • Multi-Generational Housing / Senior Housing Options
  • Full Service Real Estate Sales Partner ~ Staging/Listing/Selling Your Home
  • Guardian Services ~ Your Eyes & Ears while you’re away

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